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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Family Matters!

Been home for a week, gonna be home one more week! Its amazing how things change when your gone! Usually all for the good, depending how you look at it. My little sister is now sixteen, driving, has a serious boyfriend, is winning surf competitions left and right, It feels like a couple of weeks ago, I was teaching her how to sit on a skateboard! She is awesome though. She won homecomign for the sophmores at her school, everybody likes her, i am really proud of her.
My mom is doing awesome too. Just when I think I am old enough to truly be on my own, she flys me home and cooks homecooked meals, finds ways for me to earn a little extra money around the house(which I know she is just doing it so I can a little more money in Nicaragua. My grandma and Grandpa drove down from Orlando for the weekend to come see me! And of course, even though we are celebrating mothers day this weekend for my grnadma, she still brings me presents! And my grandpa gives me words of advice on how to pick up girls in Nica!
Then the dogs, man they are such cool dogs, My two bassett Hounds, Daisy Mae & Captain Morgan! They are not even one years old. The are the most snuggliest dogs I have ever met. If they see you on a couch by yourself, w/in seconds they are snoozing on your laps! They fight over attention!
These are the things that I will miss about home! but thats ok.

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