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Tuesday, April 8, 2008


After a great Season, we had a kick ass end o' year employee party on sunday night... It had all the proper elements of a good party; good food, great people, lots of beer, free snowboarding, drunk bosses dancing to music they've never even heard of, people under the influence admitting their seasonal crushes to each other. Any hoot, I hung out with everyone, made drunk plans I never intend to keep, and had some pot stirring conversations. All in all a good time.

On another note, its been almost a week since i've seen my twin brother. Its really strange to think we have been roommates ( or as steve calls it "womb-mates") for 24 years and its really time to do our own things. We have done some really cool things together, traveling the world, working the same job, dating the same girl, stuff like that. We always knew there would be a time when we would get the surgery to split us apart but reality is sinking in. But I'm really proud of him, he's got some really cool things happening for him in the future, its just now i don't have anyone to borrow money from. Oh well, I will live off my wealth from peace corps. Speaking of Peace Corps; I booked my flight today to D.C. for Peace Corps Staging. I will be in DC early morning May 5th, go through staging, signing in as a Peace Corps Volunteer Trainee. ( I won't be an official volunteer until after I have trained in Nicaragua for 3 Months) Then early on the morn of May 7th, we leave for Managua, Nicaragua. Man, I am soo fricking excited.

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