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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Its a good thing i like cabbage and I love Mangos.

Holy crap... Since graduation, much has happened, plans changed 3,000 times (sorry to ex-gf's), went to grad school, hated it, then took the worst job known to any man ever. Those who are close know to what I speak of! Those who don't know, I only pray we consider a chat before taking any jobs... But in all actuality, if it weren't for that job, I may not have taken my next job which sculpted a big part of my 2008 just going to prove that everything happens for a reason. Working for the Summit at Snoqualmie has been amazing! I am going to miss all the incredible people I have met. All of the fresh snow. All of the drinking with the Brazilians and Peruvians...Me getting drunk and singing in Portuguese. Vira Vira Vira!!!! Snowboarding until I can't feel my legs, Eating at the Fam Pan Ho... Im going to miss eating fresh smoked Slamon, PBR TallBoys.. On cloudy days, locals thinking that its sunny... All of the Teriyaki places in Seattle, I am willing to put 1,000 Cordobas that there are more teriyaki restaurants than Starbucks in Greater Seattle. So that said, with good times come great memories. On to bigger and better things. In the words of T.I. Big Shit Poppin' and Little Shit Stoppin'

In 33 days I am leaving for Nicaragua (land of Volcanoes and Lakes...also Dengue, Malaria, Scorpions, Tarantulas, Cabbage, and cigars but no one needs to here that) to be a Small Business Development Volunteer.... No idea what to expect, or where in Nica I will be. I am not sure what to bring or not to. I just figured I will bring one thing entertainment wise. Hence my PSP. Other than that I want to live as my nica counterparts do. Its a good thing i like cabbage and I love Mangos.


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Chris said...

Hey man. I just picked up your blog off peacecorpsjournals.org. Anyhow, I do not see anyway to e-mail you or contact! Just wanted to say Hello! Looks like we'll be volunteering together in Nica (you're Nica 47?) May 5th and beyond.

My name is Chris. Catch my blog at www.tictoclife.com.