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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ohh yeah I forget to mention: Wanderlust II

The reason for the name of the blog...

After the awesome night of drinking I couldn't sleep past 8 so I got a huge fit of wanderlust and took a bus into downtown seattle and wandered around by myself all day. Seattle is such a cool and diverse city. I first went to chinatown and the chinese dollar markets, I met a nice older couple, He was a retired war vet and she was a vietnamese villager who met during the war and fell in love. They took me to this incredible authentic Chinese restaurant--(insert **Ho Chin Sa Chinese**,-- go if your in the seattle area) we chatted up about life and it's potential adventures around every corner. After an really great meal with unexpected new friends I wandered into Pioneer Square and ended up in a hippy coffee shop, all vegan food and soy coffee's (nasty), I ate a rice crispy treat (vegan style) and I was filling out some insurance stuff for the Peace Corps and someone came up to me and said "are you going into peace Corps", ends up this girl just got back from Moldova like 3 months ago, so we had some really cool things to talk about. I've got some friends from Chisnau and we exchanged stories. She was traveling around using her readjustment allowance. Small world sometimes..... So i ended up showing her around seattle, took her to the first starbucks, to pikes place market, the seattle art museum. Incredible day!! We then parted ways after exchanging e-mails and promises of keeping in touch.... Then i hitched a ride back with the coolest peruvian guy in the world. Alfio Susti!! Cool mofo you is!!

Days like this one prove that the more you travel, the more it becomes an extreme necessity.

I am going to miss seattle for sure!

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