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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Third Molar Extraction

Today I am sitting in my Aunt/Uncle/Cousin's house in Grass Lake, Michigan (about 35 miles west of Ann Arbor). Two days ago I was throwing snow down mountains in Snoqualmie Pass, and 5 days from now I will be farting around on Fort Lauderdale Beach, then three weeks from yesterday I will be in Georgetown, Washington D.C. Then two days from that I will be in Nicaragua eating more mangos than something that eats a lot of mangos.

Michigan this time of year is beautiful, Its sunny and 70 degrees. My family lives in the middle of the woods, Its awesome! There is so much wildlife roaming around. Yesterday when I woke up there were two deer outside my window looking at me curiously! Sniffing and then realizing that I am pretty uninteresting they moved along. But, there are muskrats running around, cool rare birds, mini frogs that are exactly the size of my thumbnail and the squeek instead of ribbiting (it sounds like the squeek language that me and steve have and all the time I think steve is trying to get my attention.)SQUEEK

So yesterday (tuesday april 15th) I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted. It was so much less painful and grooling as i hade made myself believe. I walked in, the doctor talked to me for about 30 minutes on the procedure, its possible reprecussions, and then put me to sleep (he counted down from three and I dont even remember him saying two), It was such an cool feeling when I woke up, I was mumbling stuff all over the place. Supposedly during the wake up process I had managed to hit on two of the nurses telling that once I get back from peace corps, that my first thing I am going to do is take them out to dinner!! Then I had a long lasting conversation with myself about the wonders of belgium ( Joey: did you know that in Brussels some of the churches have public urinals down the side of them?, Joey: wow, no i didn't know that!

But the healing process is going so easily, I only bled for about 4 hours. I am now fine and relaxing. No chipmunks cheeks or anything. Oh yeah and by the way, my cousin is an avid antique car collector. He has some of the coolest cars I have ever seen. Right now he is restoring a 1935 Rolls Royce Phantom II for a car show in Virginia. He also has 1911 Ford Model T, 2 Bently's (1934 + 1951), another 65' Rolls, a 1960 Jaguar MK IX (My favorite), an extremely rare Italian made luxury car called a 1922 Isotta-Fraschini (this actual car was originallymmisioned by the Queen of Romania), also a 28' Packard, and a 28'Graham-Page. Then of course my favorite; He has a 1978 Black Ferrari 308, mint condition. It is so beautiful, its hard to look at. Once you hit third gear in that pillar of awesomeness, it seriously goes way faster than any car should ever need to go!

Anyhoot, 19 days until I leave for Peace Corps!! I can't wait to meet all of the other volunteers!

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Jenna said...

i love your blog. wanna marry? max, brian, and i are in montana on a ranch: snow, golf, stripclubs, flat tires, dogs, hiking, nerds, and beautiful scenery are aplenty. i look forward to more entries!