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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Crazy Roosters!

Man, so wow. I am here... the dust has settled. I went through staging in Georgetown, Washington D.C. and that was really cool. It was basically an introduction to the Peace Corps lifestyle and a bunch of fun icebreakers. There are 39 volunteers going down to Nica with me and they are all great people. I also got to see steve one last time and since it was Cinco de Mayo, we went to a mexican restaurant, and also we met up with some good friends from college.

Then, we all flew from D.C. to Miami and Miami to Managua. We arrived to a whole slew of Peace Corps employees holding signs and greeting us with smiles and welcomes. It was really nice and welcoming. Then we all walked across the street the the Peace Corps welcome retreat for three days. It was at a really nice resort with a pool, air conditioning, good food. Overall a really nice experience to break us in to the volunteer lifestyle.

Then we were split into groups of four and sent to different smaller pueblos to begin pre service training. And that is wehre you find me. ITs been almost a week that I have been living with my family. Its going great. They are so awesome. I live on a small farm and the family has about 17 people, maybe more, you can never really tell. But as soon as i got there i fit right in. They offered me a huge plate of food. Rice and beans (Gallo Pinto) fried plantains and fried salty cheese. It was great. I have a pretty big room and my own dresser. I have 7 brothers and sisters ranging from 30 years old to 13. We eat three times a day all together with our 30 chickens 8 lamb 6 dogs and chanchito the pig. We have avacado trees, mango trees, grapefruit trees, orange trees, and a bunch of other trees that i have never heard of. Its really cool. Besides that i am really busy. Pretty much from 7 am until about 8 or 9 at night. Then im pooped. The trainig part is very demanding, but its a good demanding. So i need to head out but i will be posting some pictures as soon as i get a chance! I really miss everyone back home... feel free to e-mail whenever. Its feels good to get an e-mail. jrobinson_1984@yahoo.com


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