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Monday, June 16, 2008

Enjoy your meal....

Well everyone....I want to take this first line to apologize for my tardiness in writing this blog...If it weren´t for power outages, my busy schedule, and my apparent dislike of writng on blogs, well i would probably write more. But this is my promise to keep everyone more posted...

That out of the way, here´s the juice. I left off with having been here for a couple of weeks. Now it is the 16 of July and my 6th week of training and my seventh week here. Basically what my week looks like is this

Monday though friday-
Spanish lessons in the morning, then hour lunch, then back for practical spanish, meaning that we are out in the city using our spanish and talking with business owners and youth groups. The I am usually home for supper around 6 or seven.
Tuesdays and thursdays and saturdays-
We have a youth group in which we are working on a community project(not allowed to say what) with them and of course it is conducted in all spanish.
Wednesdays and Fridays-
We have meetings with all the Nica 47 volunteers and we are given ¨charlas¨ by other volunteers, local nicas or the Peace Corps trainers. Im not going to say on what, but it varies from medical to business to fun activities.
then of course there are
Saturday nights-
This is our free time. So far i went to a concert of the awesome group who plays almost every style of latin music, they played, Bachata, Reggaeton, Salsa, Merengue and cumbia. Lots and lots of dancing. Good times
Also, my family has taken me to a local Laguna called ¨La Laguna de Apoyo¨ Its really awesome.
Been to a couple of clubs. Overall have lots of fun.

So that is a basic idea of what i do during training!

Now to the fun stuff. Since i posted last. I have had an amoeba(which makes one have lots of diarhea, vomiting and a fever), I have had Bacterial Diarrhea and Constipation. Not to mention all within a three week period...I have already been deemed the sick kid in the group!!! But i see it as I getting use to all the bugs here early on into my service and later when everyone is by themselves and away from a family to take care of them....I will be sittin pretty.

Last week we went on our volunteer visit, which means we get to visit a sworn-in volunteer in their site and see how their life is. I went way down south to the border of costa rica and Nicaragua to a small lakeside town by the name of Cárdenas(Picture at top)Those volcanoes in the background are actually on the lake island of Ometepe. It was awesome. It is a very tranquil life down there. Lots of nice breezes. Lots of green open space and really really friendly people. No hidden agendas. Really refreshing.

This week and next week we will pretty much be continuing our routines and schedules. That following week we will be finding out where our sites are going to be. Then July 25th, we swear in as volunteers!!!
On that note, I need to head out. I gotta go home and catch the Noticias(News) and Cenar con mi familia (eat dinner with my family).
Take care, Adios, Va Pues!!!

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