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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Si Hombre! (Yeah man)

Hello, to all three of you reading this blog! Today is thursday August 28th 2008 and I am a month and a day into my new site. It is San Ramon, Matagalpa. Nicaragua is divided into different departments or zones and I live within the department of Matagalpa and my town, San Ramon, is a pretty small town 20-30 minutes outside of the capital city of my department. A perfect location. I am in the mountains, where it is much cooler than most of Nicaragua and I am in a small town where the people are incredibly nice yet I am close enough to a big town If I need to get out and see some life.

So one month in and I am feeling pretty good. I am still geting use to my projects and getting started in my schools. I have already taught at my schools and I love it. I teach in Spanish and so far, so great.

I highly suggest friends and family to come and visit me!! Nicaragua is really beautiful and especially my site, in the mountains its green and tons of wildlife such as parrots, and sloths, monkeys.

As of right now i am in managua because believe it or not I need to get surgery. I am getting it done here and Peace Corps is covering everything but I am a little nervous, naturally. But last night I stayed in a hotel with two other peace corps volunteers and a nice man from USAID and we went out looking for a bite to eat. We stumbled into a brand new italian resaurant around the block from the hotel, so we decided to see the menu, but as we walked in we noticed a lot of booths set up and a buffet style food arrangement. So, we asked the waiter to see a menu, and he told us tonight is the grand opening, invite only. Well, one would think that we would leave after that, but no we decided to take a table and act like we were suppose to be there. And boy did it work, within minutes we had a waiter dropping off free focacia bread and wine off at our table. Then they moved onto to taking our picture, like we were invitd celebrities. Turns out pretty much all of the richest people in Nicaragua, showed up at this opening party. It was really interesting to watch the class difference between the wait staff and the party guests. Needless to say, we ate great food, drank great wine and beer and listened to a fantastic mariachi band and didnt pay a cent!

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